Server Backup & Endpoint Backup: Not an “Either/Or” Scenario!

You Need Both

Savvy business owners need both endpoint backup and server backup solutions. The reason has to do with the current technology environment. Cybercriminals benefit from undermining both primary network facilitating technology (like servers) and operational technology (like endpoints). Additionally, unexpected disasters could have different collateral effects. It’s always wise to have some comprehensive solution for your business in terms of backup.


You’re likely not going to see cybercriminals attack the core of your operation directly. Consider this: If someone would attack the economy of the United States, would they be more successful attacking Washington D.C. with all military might or steadily eroding away at said economy?

Attacking D.C. directly would likely result in a tactical response that could involve nuclear devices and would destroy the attacking force. But, what if they spread a virus through civilian channels and stole money via Bitcoin? This is exactly what 2017’s WannaCry attack did, and here’s the kicker: North Korea developed the virus.

Cloud Backup

Imagine your business as a microcosm of a country. Hackers often go for endpoints over servers, because those are often less defended. But you need to have backup and defense solutions for both. Cloud computing solutions, thankfully, can provide you continuous backup— or backup at intervals— for both servers and endpoints. Additionally, the cloud can be configured to fit your needs.

The Solution

As a Cyber Security company, Sequentur has the experience and staff to deal with any situation before it happens and even, in most cases, after it has happened.

Some business owners have suggested this is too expensive. Here are two factors: a) it’s way more expensive to have your data compromised, and b) we’ve shown time and time again to our many clients that Managed Services (MSP) is not that expensive but also a need in these technological times.

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

SunTzu, The Art of War

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