Why Managed Services Is Essential For Small Business

There’s a misguided notion out there that managed services only make sense for large firms. The theory goes that small businesses can’t afford managed IT services, or that the real benefits don’t kick in until the company reaches a larger size. We disagree. Here are just a few of the ways managed services are essential for small businesses like yours.

Lower Your IT Costs

When you manage your own IT, you’re on the hook for everything, in real time. When something goes down that’s beyond the ability of your in-house team to fix, you’re on the hook for pricey specialists. Did your most expensive piece of equipment just die? Hope you have $10,000 (or more!) of funds free for an immediate replacement. Of course, human costs are a real concern, too. How many specialties can you afford to hire in at your current size?

In just about every case your costs are lower when you choose managed services. You aren’t on the hook for pricey specialists; you already have them on your hook! You can limit the number of IT specialists you need to hire in-house because you have access to a wide range of support through your managed services provider (MSP).

Stabilize Your IT Costs

With managed services, your costs are predictable. One monthly fee gets you all the support you need. No more payments to pricey specialists. Also, if you choose a service agreement that includes hardware and software licensing, you’ll no longer be on the hook for pricey hardware replacements or for unexpected software upgrade fees.

Access a Broad, Deep Skill Set

Even the largest small businesses are limited in their IT hiring capability. You likely have some general support staff as well as a few more specialized IT roles, but you still have holes. There are still plenty of things that no one on your IT team does extremely well.

With managed services, you get instant or near-instant access to a broad, deep bench of specialists. No more jerry-rigged IT fixes, and no more calls out to expensive specialists who are slow to respond.

Enhance Your Cybersecurity

How protected is your company’s digital presence? Do you have the resources on your team to stay current on internet security? What would you do if you discovered a data breach or some other network compromise? Do you have a plan in place?

If your small business could use help in any of these areas, it’s time to learn more about what an MSP can do for you. Contact us today to get started.

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