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January 4, 2021by Hector Morales

6 Reasons Why Managed Services Are Essential For SMBs

There exists a situation where some small and mid-sized businesses do not have an effective solution to their IT needs, cybersecurity, and similar areas because of the considerations that a) “MSPs are for bigger companies,” or b) “it is too expensive.” This is nothing more than a misconception and a dangerous one at that.

This mindset can be tracked down to a misunderstanding of what a Managed Services Provider does.

The main 6 reasons why having a good MSP is cost-effective and the correct answer.


1. Protection from Cyberattacks, Ransomware, Phishing

There have been published articles detailing companies being hacked and others being locked out by ransomware. You only see big names in these articles but what is sometimes missed are the unreported attacks on small to mid-sized businesses.

Cyberattacks in the form of phishing, ransomware, and others, are experiencing growth. We now see this pseudo-industry skyrocketing from $3.2 billion in global costs in 2019 to a whopping $8.5 billion in 2020. Most of these attacks affect small businesses.

An MSP will protect you and your assets.


2. Lowering your costs

When you manage your own IT Department internally, you need to know everything IT-related. This poses an additional burden to you as an executive, not to mention an increased risk.

There can be situations that arise where something “breaks” which is beyond your IT department’s expertise to correct. At this point, there is a scramble to find an engineer skilled enough to fix it. Often, this means up to $10K in costs and loss of productivity.

Managed Service Providers provide diversely skilled teams that can handle any IT problem that arises.

An agreement with an MSP means you incur no additional expense for IT troubleshooting.


3. Predictable IT spending

Since one monthly fee covers all needed support, with all your systems and specialties included, it makes it easier to budget.

Your MSP can also provide you with an all-inclusive plan including IT support, hardware purchases, and software licenses – once more, saving you money, time, and preventing production downtime.

4. All the skills, same price

As touched on earlier, having access to a broad spectrum of engineers can be very expensive. The problem is, what type do you need to hire? Systems? Telecom? Hardware?

Companies are faced with the issue of having an IT team that is good at what they do, but with the limitations of time to do it all, and the other implied limitations of fulfilling every role, unwittingly leaving some areas exposed.

With a Managed Service Provider, you gain access to all the skills and experience needed.

5. Cybersecurity, enhanced

Protecting your online presence can be challenging in many ways, from keeping up to date with threats, to current trends and monitoring. You want to cover all sides of the equation.

Small and mid-sized businesses face this all the time. The answer is simply hiring a qualified MSP.

If there is an intrusion, it will be detected and corrected before damage spreads through your organization.

6. Reduce stress and time on your leadership team

As an additional benefit, when you contract the right MSP, you free up your leadership team to focus their attention on the business itself.

The right MSP will produce a cohesive action plan to cover your current and future structure – from backups to cloud services, and from security policies to recovery plans in case of an emergency.


Small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations can and do benefit from the wide range of services provided by an MSP.

Learn more about our services and plan, and how can we reduce your costs. Contact us today to get started.

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