(Cliff) responded promptly to my problem and followed up to be sure the problem was solved. He also taught me a neat trick about screengrabs while he was at it. Top notch!

Patty R.
VP Content & Exhibit Development

Most pleased…

I have been working with Sequentur for the past several years. Sequentur provides all of our Citrix support as well as other IT network-related services. I am most pleased and happy with the level of expertise within the company, their responsiveness, and their ability to quickly resolve our issues. My entire IT Team has a great relationship with Sequentur. We are happy to be one of their clients.

Roxanne W.
Director IT Network Operations

Efficient & Professional

He was very efficient and professional.  What made it nice is that as he was working on my email problem, he explained what he was doing so that I could understand it.  I have worked with IT companies for almost 30 years and I have to say yours is the best.  And James has been delightful to work with.  Thank you all for your hard work and quick responses.  I truly appreciate it.

Cary E.
Legal Assistant

I couldn’t ask for more

Sequentur has been a great fit for the variety of different infrastructures I have managed over the last 6 + years. They have been able to help with all of my critical infrastructure needs, whether requesting a top-down build or just simple questions! The staff has always been helpful and courteous along with excellent and quick communication! I couldn’t ask for anything more from a partner in this day and age!

Ryan B.
Senior Manager of IT Operations

Fast Support

Our vCenter certificate expired which caused processes in XenApp to break as well. I put in a ticket with Sequentur this morning and Geoffrey had it resolved within a couple of hours.

Mike B.

Amazing service!

James not only resolved the issue that I initially contacted Sequentur about – he also evaluated and made adjustments so that my current device could function more smoothly. He also made a great/cost-effective recommendation for how my current device could be upgraded to improve productivity. I really appreciate all of his help!

Adam K.
Director E-Communications

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