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As your trusted Managed IT Services, Sequentur specializes in Managed Cloud Services such as Microsoft Office 365 including SharePoint, Teams, and Azure Hosting.

Our expert and friendly engineering team provides 24/7 remote and on-premises support, as well as reporting, administration, licensing, patching, and subscription management so you can rest assured your systems are in good hands maintaining your team’s productivity so you can effectively run your business.

You will always have access to the newest version of Office Suite and industry-leading infrastructure.

We implement Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and other security lockdowns of your Azure workloads.

Microsoft Office 365 with Azure cloud is the best offering of security, scalability, geo-redundancy, and advanced Business Intelligence Analytics.

All the benefits start with a conversation. Let’s talk.

Business Solutions & Cloud Services

Our comprehensive array of services include Cloud Penetration Tests, Cloud Vulnerability Assessment, Host-Based IPs, and Data Loss Prevention.

Digital Transformation

Walk away from hardware that makes scaling slow and expensive.

Using Citrix you can move your apps easily to the cloud, with virtual workstations and only paying for what you use, scaling quickly and cost-effectively.

Virtual Deployment

XenDesktop Essentials harnesses the power to simplify Windows migrations, speed up deployment, and streamline on-going management at scale.

You can now provide all your users with secure access to a digital workspace on any device.

Secure Device Delivery

The best tools to provide a reliable and scalable way to deliver apps to any device from the cloud with top security in mind.

With your infrastructure in the cloud, you’ll get superior performance and flexibility without sacrificing management or end-user experience.

Enterprise Support

We strive for 100% uptime in Citrix Azure cloud.

We resolve any issues before they come up while taking advantage of their security, reliability, and their cost-effective hosting model.

Managed Cloud Services &
Business Data Migrations

In a world where cybersecurity and cloud-based applications are essential, keeping your valuable data and employees secure it’s paramount. We understand that as well as you do. We also know you need to be able to work worry-free over these things and focus on expanding your organization – here is where we come to save the day with knowledge, experience and a team of IT experts.

As a small business or a mid-sized company with an office setup or remote collaborations, cloud migrations and cloud security are not merely a need but a must-have. It requires a top-notch partner such as Sequentur to advise you on what tools are right for your current situation, what cloud security measures are required for your and your team while keeping your IT and Business Goals aligned.

Some of the many advantages of having your Managed Cloud Services with Sequentur:

Setup Tenant     Express-Route/VPN     Deployment     Autoscaling

Cutover Migrations     Hybrid Migrations     MFA/Security     Documentation

We get the job done with no headaches. Let us help you move forward into the future.

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    Your success is assured withManaged Cloud Services

    From Azure and Office 365 Migrations to any other hardware and software needed, Sequentur has the know-how and the experience to make it happen effortlessly with scalable solutions.

    As Sequentur is a Microsoft Gold Partner you will get the advice you seek.

    No strings attached.

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