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We are a top-notch Managed IT Service Provider delivering all-inclusive solutions from Business IT, to Managed Security, and Cloud Services to companies with 50 to thousands of users in a wide range of industries across North America, with 24×7 support out of our US-based NOC/SOC.

Your Success & Your
Managed IT Service Provider Company

At Sequentur we understood early enough that our Clients’ success was the cornerstone to building the best IT MSP Company.

With enduring relationships, support, trust, and loyalty, along with our top-notch service has made it possible.

Since 2007 we’ve seen our Managed IT Service Clients base experience a continuous 4X growth. We definitely found a valuable formula: ensuring your staff and business are secured, reliable backups, best-in-class IT Service at all times, a highly-skilled Tech Team, attention to scalability, and how your IT and Business Goals align.

Looking for expert help on all things IT-related? With Sequentur you’re guaranteed to receive world-class IT Support, delivered by experienced engineers who understand that your business is a priority, and how Hybrid Workspaces operate.

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Managed IT Services
On-Site and Remote


End-to-End IT Management

We take ownership and provide complete functional solutions for your IT. From start to finish. From installation and licensing to full deployment.

Be it hardware, software, labor, materials, and procedures we provide End-to-End IT Solutions which help to optimize the performance and efficiency of your business.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Fully Managed IT Services and Help Desk at your service 24/7. Handled by a highly-skilled Tech Team ready to solve anything hardware or software-related off our US-based NOC/SOC.

The peace of mind you and your staff need and an essential component for your organization to always have expert engineers who will efficiently ensure your IT needs are met in a timely manner.

On-Site IT Support

As part of our IT solutions, we offer both On-Site and Remote services to our Clients – ensuring our knowledgeable Team provides the level of assistance you require.

Whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled visit, our engineering team is always ready to deliver that IT Support and assistance your business requires.

End-User Training

In this cyber era, your team needs Cyber-Training. Being aware of pitfalls will keep your Company’s Data secure and ensure your team is in the know.

We’ll provide in-depth knowledge and the tools they need to face cybercrime and come out victorious. After all, your personnel is your last, and best, line of defense.

Network Documentation

Our professional Tech Team will create a precise record of your Company’s hardware, software, servers, directory structure, user profiles, data, and how it all flows, and how things work together.

This provides great insight and safeguards in situations where a quick response is required, keeping your data accessible to your staff at all times.

MS & 3rd Party Patching

We take care of those Microsoft and third-party App patching, addressing vulnerabilities that could be exploited, along with other issues.

This IT Service is designed to provide you with up-to-date systems and the security and protection your organization needs at all times.

Cloud Backups

This service provides Cloud Backups and Cloud Storage, keeping your business and clients’ data and applications safely backed up and properly stored every time.

Ensure your data is always ready and safe from bad actors, even ransomware, allowing your company to securely do its everyday business.

MSP Consulting

With decades of combined experience as an MSP Consulting and by supporting hundreds of clients, we stand ready to give the right answer and provide in-depth knowledge on current strategies to protect your organization.

We analyze your current systems and provide you with insightful advice, eliminating unwanted surprises.

IT Analytics & Reporting

As your MSP, we will monitor your systems and gather data to provide meaningful insight and guidance for better network performance as well as the prediction of potential issues, hardware and software patching along with beneficial improvements.

Effective and competent partnership with you – this is how we operate.

Email Recovery Solutions

With our all-inclusive Email Recovery Solutions, we can provide complete integrity of all particles within your email service as well as the availability and ability to do a quick and granular restore when needed.

We have the tools and the experience to help your company keep your services secure and recover from any situations the current cyberspace may produce.

Managed Antivirus

Our Managed Antivirus will handle all the antivirus installations and processes ensuring your AV is up-to-date, runs scans as scheduled, and most importantly: infections are timely detected, completely neutralized, and immediately reported.

By having a centrally-managed option, you will have protection on all of the computers at your business from viruses and other harmful threats.

Penetration Tests

How secure is my network? We hear that all the time. There is a simple and safe way to know for sure.

A penetration test (pen test, pentest, or ethical hacking), is an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system to evaluate the security of the said system. We can simulate a cyberattack on your network to evaluate its security to provide feedback on improvements.

Your Dedicated
IT Team

Here are some of the stars who make our Top-Notch service rock!


Working with Sequentur has been a pleasure as I am able to work alongside competent and effective engineers who are all working towards one thing, helping our clients achieve the goal of a secure and functioning IT environment for their companies.


Everyone at Sequentur is focused on finding the solution. It is an obsession. It very much falls in line with how I operate personally and makes Sequentur a great fit for me.


Being surrounded by some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly people in the industry, on a daily basis, is invigorating.


I’m no stranger to the world of technology. I have been in the IT field for approximately 16 years.


It’s uplifting and motivating to see the lengths we go to each day to help them solve problems and keep operating smoothly and securely.


In this crazy high-speed world, I’m so glad there’s a company like Sequentur out there. We take care of the technology needs so our customers can focus on what’s important to them.  


I believe in the motto never stop learning, and it’s a great pleasure to work with a team that believes in this philosophy and continues to study new technologies that will further the success of our clients.


Been working in IT for 4 years now, and really appreciate the Sequentur work environment and the camaraderie of the engineers on my team.

Awesome Client
reviews & comments

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Most pleased and happy

I have been working with Sequentur for the past several years. Sequentur provides all of our Citrix support as well as other IT network-related services. I am most pleased and happy with the level of expertise within the company, their responsiveness, and their ability to quickly resolve our issues. My entire IT Team has a great relationship with Sequentur. We are happy to be one of their clients.

Roxanne Williams
Director IT Network Operations
Fortessa Tableware Solutions

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A partner like Sequentur

With a partner like Sequentur, my users are happy and I sleep well at night knowing my infrastructure is in great hands!

Meta Tshilombo
Senior Director of Information Technology
Community Associations Institute

managed security services clearwater

A great fit

Sequentur has been a great fit for the variety of different infrastructures I have managed over the last 6 + years. They have been able to help with all of my critical infrastructure needs, whether requesting a top-down build or just simple questions! The staff has always been helpful and courteous along with excellent and quick communication! I couldn’t ask for anything more from a partner in this day and age!

Ryan Blanc
Senior Manager of IT Operations
Corporate Office Properties Trust

The best experience & support

Credibly innovate granular internal or “organic” sources whereas high standards in web-readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with optimal networks.

Michael Marrow
jQuery Lead Programmer

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