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Cloud Backup Services Pricing

Dear Clients Partners and Friends,

A lot of our customers are asking us: what is a good price point for Cloud Backup Services?

Well, there are plenty of different providers and technologies out there for cloud backups; some fall into disfavor and new ones are coming out daily. What is the best backup service price point to orient against?

The answer is fortunately or unfortunately not that simple. – It depends on what corporate resources you are trying to back up. On premises or already in the cloud? Workstations or servers? Applications or data? Are you trying to do a traditional-type backup (i.e. stockpile food for a rainy day) or disaster recovery scenario (a bugout bag with ready-to-eat meals)?

In our experience, one company provides the best combination of price point, feature sets, availability, and security – Microsoft 365/Azure backup. 

Microsoft cloud backup services pricing is affordable and technology is most secured in this pricepoint
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Let’s explore what it can do:

1. Workstation backup, price point – FREE (up to 1 TB)

if you have an Office 365 subscription, you can configure all user’s workstation data (Documents, Desktop, etc.) to automatically backup to OneDrive – up to 1TB! You can configure source folders, size limits, etc. (Learn more about OneDrive here)

2. On-premises/cloud physical or virtual servers backup, price point is for Azure blob pricing – 2 cents per GB per month

i.e. if you have 10 servers to backup, and the total data size is 1 TB – estimated monthly price is $20/month; this can be expected to grow as users sprawl data, but overall it should not exceed $100/month for most small and mid-size businesses. (Learn more about Azure backups here)

3. On-premises/cloud physical or virtual servers Disaster Recovery – so-called Azure site recovery, price-point is $25/server/month, plus cost of storage, as per #2 above

If your server(s) happen to accidentally fail – they will come up in Azure cloud, within minutes and be accessible to users (in this event the price point will increase, as you will have to pay Microsoft for computing resources); the data in the cloud is only kept for up to 72 hrs, in 5-minute increments. (Learn more about Disaster Recovery here)

4. There are more custom options for backing up cloud applications to Azure – with various price points.

In our experience, Microsoft cloud backup is a sensible choice for existing Microsoft 365/Azure customers (and take a look at the prices for yourself) – Microsoft literally is giving it away for free!

Experts at Sequentur are standing by to help you with your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery design and planning. Cloud backup services pricing is affordable and will give you a peace of mind, when it comes to data backup and security.

In the event of a catastrophe, you need to know that you have a solid backup and recovery plan in place. With Sequentur, you can be sure that your data is safe.

We offer affordable plans for all sizes of businesses and organizations. We provide a variety of top-notch solutions for data protection and security.
Protect your business data with a solution that is highly scalable, secure and automated.

Microsoft Cloud backup service pricing is affordable and provides the highest levels of data protection for your business.

We offer an all-inclusive, cost-effective solution for safeguarding your data.

We offer a range of services including backup, recovery and disaster recovery to suit your needs. Your data is always available with our 24x7x365 technical support team.

Find out how we can help you protect your business data with a top-of-the-line, automated service.

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