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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure quick recovery from cyberattacks, natural events, or any other sub-optimal situation.

Ensuring your
Business Continuity

Possible Scenarios
Experience our unique approach to Risk Assessment and Plan Development.
Recovery Process
Keep your business running with server snapshots and restoration with the latest data.
Documentation and Testing
Maintenance, periodic testing, and updating ensure up-to-date recovery protection.
Business Impact Analysis
We can assess your business processes, determining which areas are vulnerable, and formulate a plan.

Cyberattacks, Ransomware, Phishing
Continuity & Recovery Plans

We proactively approach your business and after inspection propose advance planning and preparation undertaken to ensure that your organization continues to operate its critical functions during emergency events.

Sequentur is an expert in recovering your business from events that can include natural disasters, cyberattacks, phishing, a business crisis, pandemic, workplace violence, or any other situation that results in a disruption of your normal operation.

We also plan and prepare your company not only for events that will stop functions completely but for those that also have the potential to negatively impact services or business operations.

Is your business prepared? We stand ready to help you.

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Managed & Hosting Retention

A Rockstar

Once again, James is a Rockstar! He effectively resolved my Windows firmware and operating system update that caused display resolution challenges with my Citrix Engine. On a scale of 1 – 10, James is a 15! 🙂

Chuck W.

Issue Resolved

Sven was very persistent in getting this issue resolved. I appreciate him not giving up on this issue.

Enid P.
Finance Manager


Allan was very patient and helpful! I am ecstatic by the level of expertise and quickness in resolving my issue!

Rosia L.

BIA Planning & Execution
Business Impact Analysis

We’ll create your Business Impact Analysis (BIA) by assessing your business processes, determining which areas are vulnerable, and presenting a tailor-made plan.

We calculate potential losses if down-time for a day, a few days, or for a week. We also create a business continuity checklist. The list includes supplies, equipment, the location of data backups, and backup sites. The plan is available and distributed to whom should have it with contact information for emergency responders, key personnel, and backup site providers.

    IN SEARCH OF A PRO?Business Continuity

    Our approach is unique to this field. We provide all disaster recovery system configurations, checklists, and instructional materials.

    Contact us today and get started on a strategy against cyber criminals and natural disasters.


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