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They will try anything to get your information: phishing, vishing, hacking, ransomware. Let us secure your business and you'll never have to worry.

Sequentur is the
Cybersecurity Company

With so many threats and remote working, there is a real situation in business: being hacked.

With more attacks, protecting your team from ransomware and having your servers and files secure is more important than ever. We partner with companies like Ingram, Okta, and Microsoft to ensure you have the best protection available.

From new servers, switches, or firewalls, Sequentur can quote you the lowest price you will find.

Working On-Site & Remote
Advantages We Bring

At Sequentur, we are able to recover and crack the encryptions on compromised files. We also provide your business with disaster recovery solutions and ideal backup measures to protect your company from ransomware and other attacks – before and after.
Cylance Optics
We have endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions designed to extend threat prevention by using AI to identify and prevent widespread security incidents.
KnowBe4 Training
A strong and human approach to training your staff – they are your best and the last line of defense and, in reality, they can’t be hacked.
Azure Cloud Backups
The to-go service to back up, protect, and restore your data in the cloud. Provides data resiliency with additional levels of control and data protection.
Cybersecurity Automation
Machine-based execution of security actions with the power to programmatically detect, investigate and remediate cyber threats to then respond in a timely fashion.
IT Resilience
We provide and maintain levels of service in the face of challenges to normal operation. From simple misconfigurations to natural disasters to targeted attacks.
IT Security Solutions
With Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, we provide real-time analysis of security logs that are recorded by network devices, servers, and software applications.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Cyber Security for Businesses

As shown in a recent survey just last year, most IT Executives, when asked to name their “Top Ten Most Important IT Management Issues“, the majority agreed on Security, Cybersecurity, and Privacy were the top concerns and Alignment of IT with the Business was next.

At Sequentur we don’t leave things to chance and we handle both. Our approach covers your security and Business Goals alike – after all, we are a Security Company where your success is ours too.
Systems & Back UpsReal-Time Protection
We only use the best cyber security technology. We constantly update our processes and make sure that we are at the forefront of security measures.
Ransomware, PhishingCost-Effective Solutions
The cost of protecting your business before a hacking attack is far less than the damage of having to pay the ransomware for the return of your system and the mess that is left in its wake.
Last Line of DefenceUser Training
They will try anything to get your information: phishing, vishing, hacking, ransomware. Let us secure your business by providing power and knowledge to your team – your last line of defence, and you’ll never have to worry.
Close to city center
Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or “organic“ sources.

    The top cyber security company in Tampa?Yes, we are.

    Sequentur brings experience and solutions to your operation, based on your needs and wants, not based on a “one size fits all” approach.
    From working on-site and “work-from-home”, get your company cyber secure. We stand ready to help you.

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