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IT Support Company
Philadelphia Based
and with 15+ years of a perfect record.

  • Onsite and remote IT support.
  • Managed it services and IT Security Consultants.
  • IT Support Company Philadelphia Sequentur can offer a range of services to suit your IT related needs.
What is MSP by Jon Sanders VP of Engeneering

Do you need creative and top-notch IT support company, onsite or remote? We’ve got you covered.

Sequentur is your one-stop shop for all things it related:

  1. managed it service provider with years of support services,
  2. technology solutions and classic perfect customer service.

We are Managed IT service provider and top-notch IT Security consultants. IT Support company Philadelphia can offer a range of managed services to suit your needs.

Jon, VP of Engineering​

  • Achieve business goals in Philadelphia area with our IT consulting and custom solutions
  • Achieve educational goals with end-user IT security and maintenance training
  • Achieve sustainable growth in Philadelphia PA with our top-notch IT company support.
  • Create your own IT infrastructure and automations with Managed IT services for small businesses and medium enterprises by Sequentur.
Rockefeller Center as a Sequentur USA business goals sign
creative and effective team of sequentur managed cloud service provider

Experienced Outsourced IT support company Philadelphia can offer!

We are here to help businesses discover the benefits of technology solutions by delivering IT support services to your team.

Daily, we provide support to small businesses like yours, and the way you do to your clients in Philadelphia area.

Don`t matter what – additional data storage, office 365 issues or AWS management – contact today and we will deliver best it services philadelphia can deliver.

IT Outsourcing means that you dont have to worry about your business process that relies on software or hardware. We`re here for you with excellent customer service – inhouse and remote.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services is the most frequent solution for speeding up your business processes and makes it easy when it comes to disaster recovery.

Get a cloud managed services and have a look at your IT economic efficiency. That could be your good instrument to achieve business goals. 

Network Monitoring

24/7 it infrastructure maintenance can help you save money by reducing operating costs.

Recurrent payment is a perfect solution to reduce risk of having surprise-based services Philadelphia business owners do not tolerate.

network monitoring and it infrastructure

Disaster Recovery

Lets make it simple. When your business time means money you better find something or someone who can provide support with IT ASAP.

We`re honored to have a perfect record like managed service provider in Philadelphia. Get your free frist consultation about out IT support company in Philadelphia.

disaster recovery by Sequentur Florida PA

IT Security & Compliance

Network Security Company Support

Cybercriminals will always attempt to gain access to your network. And stealing information from your PC`s, Emails can disrupt and create chaos in your day-to-day operations.

This info can be crucial to your business – competitors can gain access to your clients or partners database, hackers can steal your money, your patents can be sold via dark web.

IT service provider like Sequentur make regular penetration tests to find the problem spots, define IT security procedures to prevent those things.

Specialized IT Consulting by IT Outsourcing Company

Consulting is all about trust. You won`t listen to a person you can`t trust. So let us tell you something.

Our partners (medium enterprises, small businesses and succesfull enterpreneurs in Philadelphia area) trust us to act as a part of their organization.

We can provide you with testimonials and we can even schedule a call with our clients. That is how we believe in our strenghts.

If you have an in-house IT team and / or custom technologies, we also support and assist in-house your specialists with specialized skills and services, so they can deliver more security, automations and effeciency.

IT support company Philadelphia Sequentur is a one-stop shop for your IT needs. But first, lets just talk – first free consultation is still on the table.

it support services for small business

We've got you covered!

Onsite or remote IT support, on-call or scheduled IT service. Extensive experience in it security, 24/7/365 monitoring and management services.

You don’t need to be a big company to benefit from managed IT services. With Sequentur’s remote and onsite flexible support, it takes just one call to make your IT problems go away.

We are top rated in Philadelphia and New York City, with a perfect track record of providing outstanding service with excellent customer reviews. Start today and experience the difference!

Contact us for a free consultation to get the peace of mind you deserve by getting your IT in order.

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