5 Critical Things Your MSP Should Do

To Handle Email Compromise


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I am sure we all have heard by now about the rich African prince ready to donate some substantial amount of money to you. What perhaps we haven’t heard that much about is that email that came from one executive at your company requesting this money transfer be made urgently – when it was, unfortunately, phishing.

Fortunately, you have Managed IT Service Providers who can help. Here are 5 things they should be doing to help prevent bad actors from compromising your company’s emails to adequately protect your staff by adding layers of detection, identifying malicious behavior, alert you to the threat, and provide the correct response.



1. Monitor for Anomalous Behavior

With increased remote work, as we have experienced, companies of all sizes rely more and more on cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. By different means, once bad actors gain access to, for example, a company’s email, getting to the jackpot data is just a few clicks away. However, traditional on-premises security solutions, such as firewalls, are not able to monitor suspicious activity in cloud-hosted applications like Office, SharePoint, and similar applications. Here you need the most protection – more than ever before.

2. Get Alerted

If things are running smoothly, all is good. When something isn’t, you need to know immediately.

By having an active alert system, your MSP will allow you to know what needs to be handled while your team focuses on what is important.

3. Visibility of Threats

We are to a point where remote monitoring is essential and a must-have. Here is where your Managed Service Provider company plays a big role by keeping an eye on current threats and by acting based on these – while keeping you protected and “in the know”.

4. Present Findings & Consulting

With the tools your MSP has it just makes sense to have the required reports on your system’s health and status in different areas. Another important area your service provider should be doing is providing consulting in those areas, such as needed updates, growing and common threats your team should be aware of, licensing updates, and improvements to make your company data and network more efficient and secure.

5. End-User Training

Is your team well trained and versed in preventing phishing and other forms of business email compromise? Your MSP should provide not only updates but also training to your staff. As we have said, your team is your last and best line of defense – keep them trained!

Your MSP

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