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As a marketing professional at one of the top 50 Managed IT Service Providers in the world, I find myself in an interesting and sometimes curious position.The term “IT” encompasses such a large field of technically specialized areas that it is difficult for many people to fully understand what it actually means. At the same time, technology has become indispensable to modern business and the basic activities of our daily lives. Like it or not, Information Technology is all around us, and practically every aspect of our lives depends to a greater or lesser degree on it functioning smoothly.Indeed, we are highly dependent on technology that most of us are at the same time highly unaware of. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, as we all have our areas of specialization and expertise. And how could we forget the “boogie man” of cybercrime? We have all heard of this threat and maybe have seen or experienced it in some form, but how serious is it REALLY? The truth is that there is no “boogie man.” Cybercriminals are real people of diverse skills and backgrounds who are willing to overtly or covertly hurt others to gain money or power. Such people are nothing new, but their methods ARE new. In fact, they evolve rapidly, and it takes a massive global effort to thwart them. Despite this, the victims of cybercrime are countless and range from business that are household names, mom-and-pop shops, to individuals like you and me.Wouldn’t it be ideal then, to know that you have a team of experts on your side ensuring that you are as protected as possible and are always ready to keep you safe and operational should worse come to worst?Our society is built on the concept that we are more efficient collectively if we can each focus on a few specialties and provide those goods & services for others at a high level, instead of needing to meet all our own needs individually. The areas of IT and cybersecurity are of course, no exceptions.What I do then, more or less, breaks down to simply spreading the “good word” of how we can help people and businesses, often in ways they perhaps hadn’t thought of or even known that they needed.Our team of specialists are expert in the many and diverse fields under the “IT” umbrella, and we can help increase your efficiency by providing these services at the highest level, allowing you to thrive by focusing on your area of expertise.Simply put, we ensure that your business is secure and that your tech works for you!If you are interested in learning more, we would be happy to speak with you!I am sure that at the very least you will gain a different outlook on technology. And who knows, we may be able to help you transform your business IT into the efficient tool it should be

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Eli Player

Marketing Manager

Sequentur LLC

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