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Top 10 Reasons to work with Microsoft MSP partners in 2022

No doubt 2021 brought many obstacles and changes in the IT space. As companies navigated working in hybrid and remote environments, new ways of supporting users and securing infrastructure were critical to survival. 

Microsoft MSP partners , like SEQUENTUR is here for your IT needs

Cybercriminals took full advantage of the situation, knowing the vulnerabilities that would exist with these changes. IT guys were the heroes that solved these problems.

What about the companies that didn’t have an IT guy, let alone a whole team? Or the companies that did, but they weren’t equipped to handle these new challenges on their own?

Enter Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs). While the IT world was going crazy to rapidly adjust to this new norm, MSPs were stepping in to save the day.

A Managed IT Service Provider may become your entire IT team or augment your current team where they lack in expertise or manpower. This rapidly growing industry is making it possible for companies of all sizes to have a robust IT team to properly secure and safeguard their organization and keep technology running smoothly.

Why choose an Microsoft MSP instead of hiring internally?


1. Cost Savings

Organizations that choose to work with an MSP save 30 to 50% on average.

IT experts are pricey hires. Add in the software, hosting, licensing and other costs, and your IT budget can quickly become out of control. MSPs present a cost savings against the cost to employ an IT expert, but there are other savings as well.

MSPs provide some of the tools you would typically have to pay for, they have the relationships and expertise to supply the most cost-effective solutions, and a good MSP should be reviewing your IT spending for unnecessary costs.


2. Cost Predictability and Scalability

Managed IT Service Provider companies work on a subscription-based model that scales with your organization.

Depending on the MSP, you will see pricing models based on number of users, devices and endpoints, or a combination of the two. You monthly cost will only change as you add or remove these items.

Further, a good MSP will be your proactive partner in creating a roadmap to meet your IT goals and forecast future expenses. This allows for predictable budgeting so you can plan resources in advance.


3. Improved Security by Sequentur - Microsoft MSP partners

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving.

With so many organizations moving to hybrid and remote workforces, the way networks are secured have changed. It takes a team of experts to stay on top of new tools, standards, and risks.

MSPs have worked with a diverse set of clients that have different security and compliance requirements, experienced a variety of security threats, and presented with unique networks and tools. It becomes impossible for any individual to have the vast knowledge and experience of an MSP.

Not to go unmentioned, their entire business is riding on keeping their clients secure and happy.


4. Increased Productivity

MSPs manage your technology to make sure it is running smoothly so users do not get caught up in technical issues.

The goal is to eliminate down time and prevent security and system failures. Some Managed IT Service Providers, like Sequentur, will even train your users to educate them as they resolve user error issues and identify common user questions and issues.


5. An Entire Sequentur Team of Microsoft MSP partners

When you work with an MSP, you’re getting a team of experts that have honed their specific skillsets through years of experience and training.

You’ll have experts in security, remote solutions, backup and disaster recovery, user and IT admin training, collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and more. 

The budget an organization would have to allocate to hire all the talent they should have is far larger than taking advantage of sharing these experts with other organizations.


6. Internal IT Staff Augmentation

Hiring an MSP doesn’t mean you have to let go of your existing IT staff.

You may find that your team is lacking in certain areas of expertise, like security or disaster recovery. You can bring an MSP in to work alongside your team to manage just a portion of your IT.

The other scenario is that you may lack in the manpower to handle day-to-day things like user support, in which case an Managed IT Service Provider can become your helpdesk.


7. Ensure Business Continuity

With one or two IT staff, as you know, we are Microsoft MSP partners, you run the risk of single point of failure.

What happens if someone gets sick, goes on vacation, or leaves the organization? An MSP ensures that all organizational knowledge related to IT is maintained and readily (and securely) available so any team member can step in as needed. 

If we lose one security guy, it’s ok because we have a team of security experts who have you covered.


8. Focus on Your Business

Work with an MSP so you don’t have to worry about your IT.

Focus on your core competencies and put your resources towards hiring personnel that contribute to your business purposes. An MSP becomes your partner in IT.

A good one will be proactive in making sure IT is in place to meet your current and future goals as you grow and transform.


9. Improved Vendor Management and Selection

An MSP will help you select the right technology vendors through trusted and proven relationships.

You won’t have to worry about managing these vendors or dealing with issues, as your MSP will work with them for you. You can stop stressing about internet, phone, software support, and hardware selection.


10. Support for Special Projects

MSPs typically have expert engineers that can handle just about any project that needs to take place.

Migrations, server upgrades, Office 365 implementation, security hardening, penetration testing, and more. You won’t have to find experts because you will already have experts you know and trust.

In the case that your MSP doesn’t have the right engineer, they will likely know someone reliable.

What are you waiting for?

Many of our clients that were forced into hybrid IT workspace and remote work environments over the past year and half are planning to keep many of the operational changes they implemented.

2022 will only see more companies moving in this direction. The ability to work from anywhere, hire talent from an expanded geographical area, and save money on physical infrastructure and real estate have proven to be big benefits of this transition.

With these changes, many organizations are realizing they do not need a fully staffed onsite IT department. Users are no longer there to pop in for help, physical servers are becoming a thing of the past, and there just isn’t much to manage onsite.

Whether you’re in need of a reliable Managed IT Service Provider to work with your existing IT team, to help transition into and maintain a hybrid or remote workforce, or to become your entire IT department, Sequentur is ready to become your Partner in IT.

Reach out to a friendly and knowledgeable staff to see how we can help today.

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