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15 years already. Up and Running. Still Top Notch

What is IT Management Services means for Sequentur team
and Why It Is Critical For our Clients & Partners

Real person real man Roman Gruzdev - CEO Sequentur 2023

by Roman Gruzdev, CEO

What is IT Management Services today by Sequentur

IT management services provide a wide range of benefits for clients.

Sequentur can help companies in achieving their business goals, reducing IT infrastructure costs, improve speed and performance of day-to-day operations.

What is IT Management Services today?

IT Management Services are the services that are provided by IT service providers to an organization that needs it.

These services can be anything from IT infrastructure management, to desktop management, to cloud computing and much more.

The IT Management Services are important for any organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve and make sure they have a secure and reliable environment in their IT infrastructure.

Dear Friends,

I typically write cybersecurity articles on ransomware protection, Azure Active Directory migration tips or dissertations on the fine art of Microsoft Intune compliance. 

Just like you, we are always busy, always in a rush and in conditions like these, some things tend to fall by the wayside. We had forgotten that Sequentur had actually just turned 15 years old !!! Congrats Team Sequentur !!!

What is IT Management Services by Roman Gruzdev Sequentur
Is your tech keeping up - question for business runners by Sequentur managed it services

What to Look for in a Strong IT Management Service Provider

The IT management service provider should be able to help you with a wide range of tasks, from improving the overall security of your network to coming up with new ways for you to use your IT infrastructure.

What is IT Management Services looks like? The following are some of the things that you should look for in a strong IT management service provider:

– A company that has experience in managing other networks and businesses like yours.

– A company that can provide you with all the services you need from cloud storage to data protection.

– A company that is easy to communicate with, listens to your needs and offers flexible solutions.

But really, we want to congratulate and acknowledge you, our clients, for you are the primary reason that we exist; you give us an opportunity to provide an IT support for your networks and your users, so you can concentrate on your organization’s mission and goals and we will assist you on your journey from an IT perspective.

On the surface things usually always looks glossy, but under the hood – well, Sequentur had a fair share of ups and downs in the last 15 years; we had groomed and unfortunately lost a good number of great staff – of truly remarkable beings, who had made us a success throughout, at times, turbulent years.

I personally wish each and every person who had contributed to our organization’s growth a complete success in their future career journey. 

One day, who knows, we may work together again…

MOdern IT Services by Sequentur team
Ensure your business continuity with Sequentur

What You Need to Know before Becoming an IT Support Technician or a Technical Support Rep

IT support technicians and technical support reps are a crucial part of the IT department. They answer customer queries, troubleshoot problems, and provide solutions on a wide range of IT topics.

In order to become an IT support technician or technical support rep, you should have basic knowledge about computer hardware and software. You also need to be able to communicate well with customers in order to solve their problems quickly.

And you should know that this is a team game. 

One thing, however, throughout the years had remained constant – our customer loyalty!

We cannot boast a 100% customer retention (though at times for years at a time it had been in the 100% range) but I will assure you that I will personally go above and beyond and get the job done to keep our customers in top-notch IT shape, secure and operating in a way where IT is an efficiency tool, and not just another overhead expense…

We are looking forward to being able to continue servicing your IT needs for many more years and really want to thank you again for being our loyal customers!!!

Roman and Laura Gruzdev Sequentur Family

That once in a year time, when we have vacation, we still think about you guys. About our Clients, Employees, Partners.

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