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What it Takes for a Company to be Secure: IT Security Services Managed

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Identifying Security Issues

In this video overview, Roman Gruzdev discusses the basics of what it takes to make your company secure.  As Chief Technology Advisor for Sequentur, Roman’s decades of experience allow him to explain, in basic terms, the three areas of interest which are important to the technical security of your organization.

So, what does it take for a company to be secure in the area of technology? It’s not an easy question, but the answer starts with identifying security issues you want to address.  You will want to invite a professional to look for and identify any security issues.  This is done in three levels of assessment.

Layers of IT Security Assessment

The first level of assessment is External Penetration Testing.  This is where the security professional tries to hack your organization from the outside.  On-premise networks, cloud presence, websites, and social media accounts are examined for security.  Additionally, your customer relations platforms, databases, and even Office 365 are tested by the external penetration method.

The second layer of security testing is Internal Assessment.  This is where the consulting team comes in and checks your network for known bugs. A hands-on inspection of Active Directory, Exchange Server, Office 365 network, and internal servers.  Each one of these is assessed individually.

The final level of assessing your company’s IT security involves Social Engineering tests.  This is an area that is often overlooked, yet one of the most common methods used by criminals.  Social engineering strategies include email phishing, where hackers may disguise themselves as trusted sources to try gaining password access to your accounts.  Other methods used by criminals and hackers would include disguising themselves as your IT provider over the phone to trick your employees into providing passwords.  Some may even attempt to introduce a USB device into your home via you or a family member.  Assessment of risk here involves ongoing education to improve knowledge and proactive avoidance of security breach due to social engineering.

Get an IT Security Assessment

Sequentur stays up-to-date on all levels of security assessment and will consult with your organization to assure that your company is secure.

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