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Backup Wins Over Ransomware Attack

Here is an important lesson on how having proper backups wins over a ransomware attack. Your managed it service provider has a lot to do here.

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Backup Wins Over Ransomware Attack

A lesson from a Health Care Provider

Last November, a Health Care Provider in New Jersey was hit by a ransomware attack – a common and unfortunate incident nowadays.

But this time, the good guys win!

Why healthcare facilities?

Why cybercriminals would be interested in this industry? Mainly, 2 reasons:

  1. Many of these facilities lack proper backups and contingency plans to recover from a situation like this. In short, lack of Disaster Recovery policies.
  2. Most importantly, hospitals and similar organizations are likely to just pay the ransom and go back to their patients – which is what they really care about.

The good news is…

This organization was ready for action not only for their patients but also with real IT solutions – they invested in reliable backups.

Their foresight and planning paid off and when they came to work and found that the ransomware locked down their EHR (Electronic Health Records) and when the hacker demanded a ransom to unlock the files, they just removed the infection from the computers and then loaded up a clean version of their files from backup – saving over 16,000 patient records!

A lesson to be learned

We praise Hackensack Sleep and Pulmonary Center for their preparedness and action against bad actors. Well done!

This is a clear and real-life example of what a Business Continuity plan can do for your organization.

As a Cyber Security company, Sequentur has the experience and staff to deal with any situation before it happens and even, in most cases, after it has happened.

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