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Don’t Become Hooked by a Phishing Scam

While Cloud computing and digital storage continue to replace existing forms of data backups, one of the biggest issues companies are facing right now is phishing scams. Why? Because they specifically target people within your company.

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Don’t Become Hooked by a Phishing Scam


Technology is the foundation for nearly everything nowadays and, for the business world, if you’re not in the Cloud or installing the latest in computer software your organization could be the next target of an attack.

While Cloud computing and digital storage continue to replace existing forms of data backups, one of the biggest issues companies are facing right now is phishing scams.

Why? Because they specifically target people within your company.

What IT and your Managed Service Provider have to do with this? Quite a lot.


How can your team rise above hacking attempts?

Have you ever seen someone click on an email without fully looking at it?

The automaticity of mouse clicking and opening a message has developed into full catastrophes involving data leakage, hacking attempts, and infection of computers with viruses all over the world.

The latest and greatest in these calamities is “phishing”, which is a coined phrase referring to the same concept as fishing – using a hook and bait to catch a fish.

The bait is communication via email and other means. The fish, anyone within your company.

No matter how upgraded your firewall is, how backed up your server is, or how many HR memos you send out sharing caution over spam emails, there is always at least one person who unknowingly clicks on a phishing email.

It would seem sensible that these phishing emails shouldn’t be trusted, however, the creativity and level of authenticity behind them is unparalleled.

Not just the fake prince in some country offering you millions if you…

Phishing emails disguised as notable companies like Amazon have targeted millions with stealing personal information and creating record-high reports of fraud. This is just one example. This list goes on to include your bank, favorite stores and vendors, utility companies, and any business that would seem familiar and reputable to you.

It would seem most logical that you would not supply your credit card or confidential information in response to an unsolicited email, but the urgency or promotion inside of the phishing email is designed to illicit action.

Nowadays this type of scam has become more sophisticated. Much more. They seem very legitimate. Often emails will even appear to come from your own email server. Very easy for a busy employee to fall for.

So, how can your company stand a better chance? Using the same target as the scammers: your staff.

Give them the tools to fully understand how these bad guys act, provide real-life examples and make the process fun and appealing.


How can your business avoid falling for a phishing scam?

Knowledge. Training.

It is highly recommended to train your company staff with specialized anti-phishing courses. This form of protection against hacking attempts is steadily growing as a basic necessary commodity in the business industry and it has shown its true value.

A prominent partner of ours, KnowBe4, offers the ideal lineup of tests, training, and courses to learn and educate your valuable employees to stop and think before clicking on an email.

Company security is a vital instrument. It has grown from setting the alarm for the building if you’re the last one to leave to protecting every single server, computer, and an electronic device that holds company data, logins, or secure documents.

You never want to chance even one hacker gaining access to your business’ data.

Training is the key.

Your own team is the last and best line of defense your business has.


Managed Services and Training

There are quite a few steps needed to be an unstoppable force against hackers.

A secure network and an educated staff are your greatest assets and should never be brushed aside until it’s already too late and disaster recovery must be implemented. It will cost you more money, more time, more company effort, and PR nightmares if you ignore safeguarding your company from attacks.

At Sequentur, we offer Managed Services that help with this exact subject.

We’ve helped many clients clean up and secure their data after down firewalls, hacking corruption, outdated servers, and even expired software license issues.

We also regularly help our clients with training. We take the difficulty out of your IT with expert managed services to allow you to focus on your work, your team, your customers, and your expansion.

Today, more than ever, your team is your last and best line of defense. We’ll be glad to help.

Call us to find out more.

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