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Exida Deploys Citrix in Azure: What this Means for Cloud Services

Managed IT Services

Proven Reliability. IT Excellence. 

World’s leading Functional Safety, Cybersecurity and Alarm Rationalization company improves application delivery to its customers by getting Managed Citrix hosting in Azure cloud – services provided by Sequentur.

The Background:

Founded in 2000 by several of the world’s top reliability and safety experts, ‘exida’ is the world’s leading product certification and knowledge company specializing in automation system functional safety, cybersecurity and alarm rationalization for product certification, lifecycle support and best in class lifecycle tools with superb integration. With over 20 locations worldwide, exida’s global presence ensures there is always someone close by ready to help your team be successful.

The Challenge:

exida provided application hosting using in-house Citrix servers for its exSILentia Safety Lifecycle software. Although this was a workable solution, exida had to maintain a large in-house server footprint to house Citrix servers, and continue to provide in-house support for user Citrix issues.
As upgrades to the in-house system were needed, exida wanted to get near 100% uptime and reliability for their customers while minimizing internal support time and costs (get external support and a fixed monthly bill, essentially turning Citrix delivery into a commodity product).

The Solution:

exida decided to contract with Sequentur for IT consulting advise based on a long history of support provided by the Sequentur team.
Having a good understanding of the exida needs, Sequentur recommended moving the Citrix infrastructure to internally-managed Azure Citrix servers.
The transition was seamless and speedy, in a few weeks exida’s customers were accessing managed Citrix servers in the Azure cloud.

The Benefits:

Today, exida is getting a fixed monthly bill for its Citrix hosting services. User support issues are expertly handled by Sequentur. exida internal support time for the system has dropped significantly, allowing the product team to focus on the exSILentia product itself rather than the delivery methods to its customers.

For more information on Sequentur, please contact us at 703-260-1119 or 813-489-4122.

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