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Training End Users: Why You Should Be Doing This No Matter Your Company Size

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Improve IT Efficiency with Training,

Sequentur CEO Roman Grusdev discusses another way to assure that your IT Department helps to deliver expected performance and improved efficiency throughout your organization.  In earlier videos, Roman spoke of communication and the help desk as two keys to improving performance and efficiency.  Here, he outlines the next important key to getting the most out of your IT department.

Training End-Users Can Increase Performance

Training is paramount to improving organizational efficiency.  As a consultant and over the course of 20 years, Roman notice that many users were completely untrained in how to use the software applications which are available as tools.  Since these tools are necessary for job performance, it is essential that end-user employees know these are available and how to use them efficiently.  In the video, an example is given whereby a Chief Executive Office, unaware of a tool which can easily convert documents to PDF was wasting valuable time by taking too many steps to complete the process.

So, end-users may develop their own workarounds for getting things done, but this reduces efficiency. If users are trained to make the best use of the applications available to them, they may be able to improve efficiency.  Training is especially important when it comes to your “bread and butter” software.

The Bread and Butter Applications

Bread and Butter Applications are the software you use every day to deliver your primary product.  Roman gives specific examples of types of organizations who may rely on databases, Salesforce, or project management software for their primary means of product or service delivery.  Some of this software can be very complex and even though the vendors often have training links online, these are many times overlooked by end-users who are busy with their jobs.  Organizing an applications training program for end-users is necessary to improving efficiency.

Increase Organizational Efficiency with Software & IT Training

Creating mandatory training classes can increase your organizational efficiency by up to 5 times.  Organizing a well-planned and specific training class for your employee end-users to attend will improve productivity and morale. That is the first line of training.

The 2nd part of training is in IT itself.  This kind of training assures that users and IT professionals alike are prepared and able to find solutions via online search.  This can improve overall efficiency between end-users and the IT Department.

The 3rd type of training, also very important, can help to avoid problems which are specific to IT security.  For end-users, training about the methods of phishing and social engineering which are often used to infiltration the information of an organization is also critical.

Watch the video to learn about a simple test that phishing tests can give you and your employees the tools you need to maintain better security and efficiency.

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