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Christopher Capps, @Sequentur’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), has been awarded the CISSP certification, the highest standard in the field of cybersecurity!

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Sequentur’s Chief Information Security Officer, Christopher Capps, Attains Prestigious CISSP Certification

October 17, 2023 — Sequentur, a leading innovator in Cybersecurity Solutions, is proud to announce that Christopher Capps, the company’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), has been awarded the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, the highest standard in the field of cybersecurity.

The CISSP certification, awarded by (ISC)², represents a remarkable achievement and a testament to Mr. Capps’ expertise, dedication, and commitment to ensuring the highest levels of security for Sequentur and its clients. CISSP is a globally recognized certification that demonstrates an individual’s expertise in designing, implementing, and managing robust security programs and infrastructure.

Mr. Capps’ attainment of the CISSP certification reinforces Sequentur’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity excellence. His in-depth knowledge and leadership in this critical area will continue to drive Sequentur’s mission to protect businesses and organizations from evolving cyber threats.

“We are extremely proud of Christopher’s achievement in obtaining the CISSP certification,” said Roman Gruzdev, CEO of Sequentur. “This accomplishment reflects his dedication to ensuring the highest level of security for our clients, and it strengthens Sequentur’s position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.”

As CISO, Mr. Capps plays a pivotal role in shaping Sequentur’s cybersecurity strategy, overseeing risk management, and implementing industry-leading security practices. His CISSP certification further enhances his ability to guide Sequentur in safeguarding sensitive data, mitigating risks, and delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions.

Please join us in congratulating Christopher Capps on this remarkable achievement. For more information about Sequentur and its cybersecurity solutions, visit


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